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Dedicated To Protecting Patients & Clients
  • My Guarantee
    Christina Freden guarantees her work is 100% risk free.
  • Consulting
    Freden will consult with healthcare providers and educate the attorney client along with the patient.
  • Legal Assistance
    Freden will assist in preparation of expert witnesses, exhibit preparation and depositions.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

At Freden Legal Nurse Consulting, protecting and defending the rights of each client and patient is the top priority. Christina Freden is committed to promoting professional standards, providing education, upholding the highest standards of care and following the code of ethics. She also guarantees that her work is 100% risk free.2014 Bus. Photo DSC_8395 copy (1)

Freden Legal Nurse Consulting serves Kasilof, Alaska and surrounding communities. Freden offers a wide array of services, including case review, education for attorneys and clients, exhibit preparation, deposition review and damage assessment. She also has experience working mass tort cases related to Xeralto, Actos and sexual assault. Visit the Services page for a complete list of her services and specialty areas.


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